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Bellagio Large Black Framed Mirror

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You may agree that this beautiful large black framed mirror is the Queen among Ornamental Mirrors’ black mirror collections. An extravagant piece of art  whose appearance is at once feminine and masculine. This large black mirror is a great installment to any spacious room. 

Besides it’s charm and visual appeal, this large  piece is also practical decoration that can easily be placed on a wall. This beautifull wall art can be placed next to an accent table or have it stand completely alone to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. 

It features a wide black frame with beautiful ornaments surrounded by an elegant hint of luxury, and a distinctive, timeless chic with enough character to fill the largest of rooms. The mirror glass is fully perimeter bevelled. 

Available in a variety of frames, sizes from small to even a larger than the one shown on the roomset photo and in 5 different colours: gold leaf, silver leaf, white, cream and black. 

This beautifully crafted full length mirror is perfect for lobbies, hallways and function rooms that require oversized wall decor and accents.

Overall Dimensions Price Availability  
1,070 mm x 820 mm
42 inch x 32 inch
£ 265 Out of Stock
1,220 mm x 920 mm
48 inch x 36 inch
£ 283 Out of Stock
1,330 mm x 1,070 mm
52 inch x 42 inch
£ 329
£ 307
Out of Stock
1,530 mm x 1,220 mm
60 inch x 48 inch
£ 416
£ 374
Out of Stock
1,830 mm x 920 mm
72 inch x 36 inch
£ 394
£ 374
In Stock
1,830 mm x 1,220 mm
72 inch x 48 inch
£ 439
£ 416
In Stock
2,140 mm x 1,530 mm
84 inch x 60 inch
£ 549 In Stock
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