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Classic Ornate Gold Framed Mirror

Category: Mirrors

This stunning ornate gold framed mirror has a rectangular ornate framework that will easily add character to any room with classic or traditional design.

Place it above the mantel piece or simply use it as a wall mirror above a piece of furniture or as part of a wall arrangement. 

It features a bevelled mirror and it comes in four colours: gold, silver, white and ivory.  

For added versatility it is available in three sizes large, extra large and full length size. Hangs both landscape and portrait.

Overall Dimensions Price Availability  
1,140 mm x 840 mm
45 inch x 33 inch
£ 285
£ 283
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1,450 mm x 1,140 mm
57 inch x 45 inch
£ 379
£ 360
Out of Stock
1,750 mm x 840 mm
69 inch x 33 inch
£ 374
£ 355
Out of Stock
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