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Bellagio Silver Ornate Mirror

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Dusted artistically with ornaments this magnificent ornate mirror enchants you with the glamour of bygone days. This beautiful ornate silver mirror features a wood framework with resin ornaments and a crystal clear bevelled mirror. 

You can use this ornate wall mirror as a overmantle mirror above the mantelpiece or perhaps above a piece of furniture to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, hallway or anywhere in between. Besides its traditional appeal, it will mesh well in a contemporary setting as well. 

This stunning ornate mirror is available in seven different shapes and sizes making it ideal above a fireplace, in a foyer, dining room, or bedroom. Anywhere, really. 

Use the largest size to add a great instalments to any spacious room or the full length mirror as a floor mirror, perhaps next to an accent table to bring a touch of luxury into your home.  All sizes available in five different colours, gold leaf, silver leaf, ivory, white and finally in black. Hangs either portrait or landscape. 

Overall Dimensions Price Availability  
1,070 mm x 820 mm
42 inch x 32 inch
£ 289
£ 265
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1,220 mm x 920 mm
48 inch x 36 inch
£ 329
£ 289
Out of Stock
1,330 mm x 1,070 mm
52 inch x 42 inch
£ 345
£ 307
Out of Stock
1,530 mm x 1,220 mm
60 inch x 48 inch
£ 419
£ 374
Out of Stock
1,830 mm x 920 mm
72 inch x 36 inch
£ 476
£ 432
In of Stock
1,830 mm x 1,220 mm
72 inch x 48 inch
£ 530
£ 416
Out of Stock
2,140 mm x 1,530 mm
84 inch x 60 inch
£ 624
£ 559
In Stock
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