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Cullinan gold decorative wall mirror

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Another flamboyant Art Deco wall mirror from Ornamental Mirrors Limited. The delicate gold framework with double-edged bevelled mirror stripes outline the beauty of this wonderfully contemporary mirror. The bevelled glass mirror centrepiece together with the all-glass bevelled double-edge inner framework scatters the light in all directions, bringing light and elegance to any room. It can be hung landscape and diamond, which helps to make a unique and stylish statement. The mirror would be suitable for most classic and modern themed rooms.

Overall Dimensions Price Availability  
740 mm x 740 mm
29 inch x 29 inch
£ 326 In Stock
890 mm x 890 mm
35 inch x 35 inch
£ 358 In Stock
2 mirrors, prices from £ 326 to £ 358 All items are new.