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Double edge leaner & wall mirror

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This simple, yet captivating leaner mirror is a smart choice for accenting your living space and bringing light into your life. This all-glass floor standing mirror has a bevelled double edge, creatively seasoned with four bevelled mosaic squares which break and scatter the light rays, lighting up even the darkest corner of your room. This clear glass mirrored framework is created either by individual bevelled mirror pieces or by ‘crystal’ or ‘brilliant’ cut. The mirror centrepiece is also bevelled around the mirror itself and hangs landscape or portrait. Or you can simply lean it against the wall. Please note, although this mirror is described as frame-less, it has a silver backing board which is visible from the side. * Crystal or Brilliant groove cut design is a polished groove cut into the glass to make a design. Crystal cut designs are a timeless classic, and extremely easy to clean, a perfect addition to your home that will last throughout the years.

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990 mm x 740 mm
39 inch x 29 inch
£ 297 In Stock
1,140 mm x 840 mm
45 inch x 33 inch
£ 314 In Stock
1,240 mm x 990 mm
49 inch x 39 inch
£ 343 In Stock
1,750 mm x 840 mm
69 inch x 33 inch
£ 430 In Stock
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