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Fracture Multi Faceted Wall Mirror

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Glamorous and interesting our Fracture multi faceted wall mirror can stand completely alone or be the star of a wall arrangement in any room with any design.

Place it above a piece of furniture or hang it over the mantelpiece to add a touch of elegance to any room of contemporary or modern design. This lovely rectangular or square multi facet wall mirror features multiple angled pieces of mirrored glasses scattered onto a solid black backing board, casting beautiful reflections around the room. 

Its impressive size adds to the beauty and makes it a piece that certainly creates a wow factor. Hangs landscape or portrait and it is available in two sizes giving you endless possibilities for incorporating this work of art into your modern home.

Overall Dimensions Price Availability  
1,020 mm x 1,020 mm
40 inch x 40 inch
£ 350 Out of Stock
1,210 mm x 800 mm
48 inch x 31 inch
£ 345 Out of Stock
2 mirrors, prices from £ 345 to £ 350 All items are new.