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Gigantes Silver Large Floor Standing Mirror

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This impressive large floor standing mirror is a mirror you can’t walk past without noticing. Boldly scaled in size, this mirror can be placed against the wall or hung to add a great statement to any spacious room.


It features a dual delicate framework with beautiful motifs in each corner with an openwork decorative design along the top of the frame. The frame is finished in antique silver with a tinge of gold in it.


For added versatility this large floor standing mirror is available in two sizes and in two colours: gold and antique silver. It is also available without the ornate design along the top.


Overall Dimensions Price Availability  
910 mm x 1,830 mm
36 inch x 72 inch
£ 362 In Stock
1,340 mm x 1,920 mm
53 inch x 76 inch
£ 545 In Stock
2 mirrors, prices from £ 362 to £ 545 All items are new.