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Triple edge bevelled mirror

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Another dashing wall mirror from Ornamental Mirrors Limited, triple-edged bevelled mirror stripes outline the beauty of this wonderfully contemporary mirror. The dazzling flat glass mirror centrepiece ensures consistent quality in reflection while the all-glass bevelled triple-edge framework scatters the light in all directions, bringing light and elegance to any room. It comes ready to hang both landscape and portrait, and it is ideal for any feature wall. It comes in five different shapes and sizes and in two colours: clear and black.

Please note, although this mirror is described as frame-less, it has a black backing board which is visible from the side.

Overall Dimensions Price Availability  
400 mm x 1,200 mm
16 inch x 47 inch
£ 150 In Stock
600 mm x 600 mm
24 inch x 24 inch
£ 144 In Stock
600 mm x 800 mm
24 inch x 31 inch
£ 150 In Stock
800 mm x 1,200 mm
31 inch x 47 inch
£ 168 In Stock
1,090 mm x 790 mm
43 inch x 31 inch
£ 327 In Stock
5 mirrors, prices from £ 144 to £ 327 All items are new.